“Roast duck legs with squash and blackberry and apple sauce” from “Tender Volume II”

Anna: I was really looking forward to this.  It’s the perfect November meal isn’t it?

Peter: Yes, it’s certainly autumnal.  The richness of the duck and the butternut squash.

Anna: So I think that’s why I’m so disappointed.  And frustrated.

Peter: Nigel’s legs are certainly dry.

Anna: Dry and tough.  Difficult to eat.

Peter: Just like Nigel’s legs!

Anna: So an all-round annoyance really.  Because I had to hack away at the legs to get any meat off, there was no savouring of the flavour combinations.  I ate the duck leg.  Then the sauce and the squash.  Did you like the sauce?

Peter: It was like a pudding, very nice.  Particularly as it was made with our own blackberries and bramleys from the apple festival a couple of weeks ago.

Anna: I was a bit thrown as I hadn’t read the recipe first, and the apples had to go in the oven to bake, but it was very easy and tasted delicious.  Can’t tell you what it was like with the duck though.

Peter: It provided a degree of moisture.

Anna: I am very annoyed.  Really.  This was so simple to make and should have been much nicer.  I’d recommend cooking the legs in the oven for 2 hours, a la Nigella, and add the squash for the last 45 minutes.  Then the legs would be all moist and lovely, and the squash roasted and brown.  Much better.

“Roast duck legs with squash and blackberry and apple sauce” from “Tender Volume II”

6 thoughts on ““Roast duck legs with squash and blackberry and apple sauce” from “Tender Volume II”

    1. annastamour says:

      I’m relieved to read that you’ve had the same problem. Nigel is usually so straight-forward and fool-proof that I was beginning to wonder if it was just me!

    1. annastamour says:

      That’s great that you’ve found a method that works, sounds like it’s the Nigella method of long slow oven cooking. None of this 45 minutes bollocks.

  1. We too tried this dish and had similar results. So unlike Nigel to get it so wrong! Thankfully it was just the two of us having dinner. At least the sauce was nice! Nice blog by the way – you seem to have a similar taste to us in cookbooks.

    1. annastamour says:

      It’s reassuring to hear that you had issues too. You never know if the problem is with the cook! Glad you’re enjoying the blog!!

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