“Spiced Aubergine Stew” from “Tender Volume 1”.

Kirstin: This recipe took me all afternoon to make! But it made the house smell lovely as I cooked it up. I had to crush the cardamom and remove the seeds before grinding up with the other spices. Nigel is right about that; you will never want to buy readymade spice cocktails once you’ve made your own.

Jenny: It was lovely. The aubergines were not overcooked, they were not mush. They were crunchy. How did you manage that?

Kirstin: They were dry fried in separate batches while I was peeling and deseeding more tomatoes than I care to think about.

Jenny: But if you peel and deseed a tomato there’s nothing left!

Kirstin: Tell me about it. But I found the right utensil to deseed them all; I used a melon baller which worked a treat.

Tom: It was great. It was almost like a vegetable curry. And we served it with slow-cooked lamb and rice.

Viv: It was like an Indian take away. In a good way! It tasted authentically Indian.

Toby: It was delicious. And it wasn’t too spicy.

Kirstin: But that book — it’s too big. I fought with it all day. It’s so big, I couldn’t get the page to stay open. I tried a can of coconut milk, a large bowl and ended up using my camera!

“Spiced Aubergine Stew” from “Tender Volume 1”.

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