Cookbooks of the month, November 2010: “Tender Volumes I & II” by Nigel Slater

Kirstin: I can’t do a month of fruit. I just can’t.

Anna: No, you wouldn’t be able to. You think fruit with meat is an aberration. Strange woman.

Kirstin: I don’t think it’s strange. Sweet goes with sweet things. I’m not doing any bloody tagines. With apricots. Bleuuggh. Prunes and duck. Please no! You’re not going to make me eat any tagines with prunes or I’ll puke. And I’m not listening even if he says banana and pork make The Perfect Combination.

Anna: Rant over? I love savoury and sweet. Salty and sweet.

Kirstin: Well you can do the fruit book, and I’ll do the vegetable book.

Anna: So, dear readers, this is why we are doing TWO Nigel books this month.

Kirstin: Two for the price of one! With added butter and cream…..

Anna: Peter is quite upset we’re doing Nigel for this reason. But he’ll cope.

Kirstin: Most of his recipes are quick, so that will be good for you. And they are comforting, so that’s good for this time of year.

Anna: I’m looking forward to them. I’ve not got any other Nigel Slater books, so I’m feeling a bit of a Nigel virgin, even though there are specific recipes of his I always make, like his dauphinoise. What’s your favourite Nigel book?

Kirstin: Kitchen Diaries. Actually, I tell a lie. When I first moved in with Tom, Nigel’s The 30 Minute Cook was my first book that I cooked from. My first risotto was from that book. It was green. Leek, tarragon and mushroom risotto. That sounds horrible now! Tom, do you remember the electricity went out halfway through, and I couldn’t tell if I needed to cook it any more or if it was the right consistency. We ate by candlelight which was probably no bad thing, given the greenness of the risotto. Oh life is so different now!

Anna: Well here’s to a Nigel November!

Cookbooks of the month, November 2010: “Tender Volumes I & II” by Nigel Slater

8 thoughts on “Cookbooks of the month, November 2010: “Tender Volumes I & II” by Nigel Slater

  1. Yay, nice choice ladies! I have both of these so I’m looking forward to following. I can recommend the root vegetable korma from book I and the apple & courgette cake from Book II but I haven’t had the chance to cook anything else yet.

    1. annastamour says:

      Having now seen the size of the books it’s going to be a challenge to all but touch the surface of both of them! But thanks for the tips… I know someone in my house would like a root vegetable korma!!

    1. annastamour says:

      Due to the amount of fruit Peter eats, we already speed through loo roll, but we’ll see if usage gets even higher!

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