“Carbonnade a la flamande” and “Chocolate chip bread pudding” from “Kitchen”

Judy: I have the same recipe from Julia Child, boeuf a la flamande.

John: The doyenne of French cooking in America.

Anna: Who, Mom?

Judy: Did you put beer in this?

Anna: Yes, it was Leffe brune. Two bottles of the stuff.

Peter: It puts hairs on your chest.

John: Very very good

Judy: With the mashed potatoes and cabbage, just divine.  Perfect for a chilly autumn evening!

Anna: How did it differ from the Julia Child recipe?

Judy: Julia’s version, as I remember, wasn’t quite as pungent.  I made it about 40 years ago.  But then did it again a couple of months ago with some leftover beer that had gone flat.

John: Maybe it wasn’t the right beer?

Judy: Or maybe I overcooked it.

Anna: You shouldn’t be able to over cook it!

Judy: I used stewing beef.  That might be the difference.  It’s an Amercan cookbook, for Amercan cooks.  I’ve never seen shin in an Amercan book.  It was a bit tough and not that tasty.  Be sure to get the right cut of beef, cooks out there!

Peter: This was very dark and rich.

John: It was a dark and stormy stew…..

Anna: On to pudding.  Chocolate chip bread pudding.

Judy: I don’t usually eat this sort of thing.  What did you use for the bread?

Anna: Bread.

John: It’s very light.  Lighter than you’d expect.

Judy: It’s very rich but light and fluffy from the eggs.

Anna: The good thing is the custard isn’t very sweet, so the sweetness is only coming from the chocolate.  It would be too much otherwise.

Judy: I can’t eat any more.

Anna: Neither can I.

John: I’ll have yours Judy.  I only had a small piece of chocolate cake for lunch.

Peter: Yours is a different texture from mine.  It’s soggier.  I think I’ve got all the cream.  That’s not good.

Anna: Would you have it again?

John: Absolutely!  The fluffiness is incredible. Excuse me while I go into anaphylactic shock.

“Carbonnade a la flamande” and “Chocolate chip bread pudding” from “Kitchen”

3 thoughts on ““Carbonnade a la flamande” and “Chocolate chip bread pudding” from “Kitchen”

  1. John Munch says:

    I can still taste the contending aromas of Leffe-infused boeuf mixed with the light, fantastic confection of unbready bread-and-butter chocolate chippified pudding. As voluptuous a combination as Nigella at her most coquettishly Nigella-ish….Please be warned after such a ravishing experience you will have to be colonically and canonically neutralised for 24 hours.

  2. Katrin Schlenzka says:

    Bread! Thank you for cheering up a sunday night after cleaning – still no kitchen yet to try these lovely recipes out. 6 days to go…

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