“Speedy scalopinne with rapid roastini” from “Kitchen”

Anna: I give in.  Work is so busy right now I’m getting sucked into Nigella’s promise of a speedy, tasty dinner on the table in seconds.  She’s offering me a solution, our lives are so similar after all!

Peter: Well, you both have dark hair.  And she also is worth a hundred million.

Anna: One and the same we are.  I wouldn’t normally go for a recipe like this as it’s not particularly healthy, but needs must.

Peter: It didn’t taste unhealthy.  We had vegetables with it.

Anna: I guess it wasn’t that bad.  It involved fried things and I try to avoid fried things.

Peter: Well I liked it anyway.  The sauce on the scalopinne was a bit sharp with the lemon.

Anna: That was probably my fault for not seasoning it properly.  I was in such a rush to finish my speedy meal that I didn’t have time to add salt.

Peter: I really liked the gnocchi.  They were like cheat’s chips.

Anna: I have to admit they were a revalation.  I like a good gnocchi and these were brilliant.  I could have eaten them on their own.  In fact, I think I might next time you’re out.  Just like Nigella.  Now, where’s my silk dressing gown?

“Speedy scalopinne with rapid roastini” from “Kitchen”

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