“Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic” (and “Slow roast pork belly) from “Kitchen”

Anna: I forgot to take any pictures of the roast pork belly last night.

Peter: Let me describe it to you.

Anna: Go on then.

Peter: It was porky.  Very well slow-cooked.  Fell apart beautifully.  Dark.  A touch sticky. Good crunchy crackling.

Anna: It was lovely and moist wasn’t it?  I was a bit intrigued by the marinade, having tahini and soy in it and all.  But it worked didn’t it?

Peter: You would never have known there was tahini in it.

Anna: And it was perfect for a dinner party, seeing as it didn’t need touching for 4 hours.  Lovely.  Nigel’s dauphinoise and some green beans complimented it perfectly.

Peter: We got another meal out of the dauphinoise tonight, didn’t we?

Anna: Can’t let leftovers like that go to waste!  So on to the chicken.  Technically it had 20 cloves of garlic as I halved the recipe. But who’s counting?

Peter: I thought it tasted smokey.  I wonder what it would have been like if you used smoked garlic.  I’m not sure why anyone would want to eat that much garlic.

Anna: Didn’t you squeeze the cooked garlic out of its skin?

Peter: No.  I don’t like garlic that way.

Anna: But it’s sweet you know.

Peter: It’s not really my favourite thing.

Anna: I liked the way the chicken skin got all lovely and brown and crispy.

Peter: Did you eat it?

Anna: Hell yes.

Peter: The chicken was moist.

Anna: It was, despite being in the oven for that long.  I wonder if there was enough liquid in the pan though.  It was all a bit brown and dried out on the bottom by the time it was ready, so the thyme and spring onions had disappeared into a brown mess.  She only calls for one tablespoon of wine for 4 thighs, which doesn’t seem a lot for 90 minutes in the oven.

Peter: Well I liked it with the potatoes and the salad.  It was very French.

Anna: Next time I’m going to experiment with more wine.  Yum!

“Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic” (and “Slow roast pork belly) from “Kitchen”

2 thoughts on ““Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic” (and “Slow roast pork belly) from “Kitchen”

  1. […] Anna: You whizz up all this garlic, grind up the fennel seeds and rub it all over. And she asks you to rub it on the skin as well as the flesh. And I had to cheat and put the grill on to do the crackling because it didn’t work the way she suggested. Anyway, everyone seemed to like the pork. I’d definitely do that again.  It was better than Nigella’s belly pork recipe. […]

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