“Blondies” from “Kitchen”

Anna: It’s so nice to get back to baking after a hard week working.  Really, baking is much more fun.  I’m going to forget Nigella’s brownie disappointment from the other week, and try these Blondies instead.  They’ve got oats in them, so they’re good for you.

Peter: They’re something of a hybrid, these Blondies.  They certainly pack the chocolate chips in, but they’re also like a flapjack.  But too soft to be a flapjack.  They have a very strange texture.

Anna: What do you mean?

Peter: When you taste the chocolate chip you think you’re going to be in for a cookie, but instead you get a giving oatey sensation.

Anna: A “giving oatey sensation”.  My word.  I think they’re really nice.  Chewy like a Brownie, from the oats I guess.  And they have sweetened condensed milk in them, which can only be a good thing.  I reckon they could have had more chocolate chips.

Peter: I did tell you to double the quantity.

Anna: You did.  Would you like these again?

Peter: I do prefer other baked good options.  If I could only have one thing it would be Nigella’s chocolate chip cookies.

Anna: So there you go.  Better than her brownies, but the cookies still win!

“Blondies” from “Kitchen”

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