“Patara lamb shanks” from “Kitchen”

Anna: You’re very excited because we haven’t had lamb shanks in ages….

Peter:  Yes, I can’t remember the last time I had a good shank.

Anna: Here all week.

Peter: I notice this is a different recipe from the usual.  And it looks like it’s going to be quite curry-y.

Anna: Good spot.  Did the name give it away?

Peter: Well Patara isn’t near Sheffiield is it?

Anna: You went and got the shanks from Drings.  I see you could feed a family of four with each one, as usual.

Peter: Just the right size, I’m glad I took the car.

Anna: And you had to go to See Woo afterwards to find the paste.  I couldn’t find it on Ocado.  I expect someplace like Asda would have had it.

Peter: So how did you prepare these monsters?

Anna: Strangely they weren’t cooked in the curry paste for the whole 2 hours.  After they’ve bubbled in the oven in coconut milk for all that time, you then decant them into another oven-proof vessel to be returned to the oven while you make the sauce out of the cooking liquer.  I feel it’s another one of those needless steps that Nigella has in some of the recipes in this book, which is fine if someone else is washing up, but a pain if it’s you.  And it is me, because you can’t get your cast wet.

Peter: I can dry up though.

Anna: The end result is delicious.  The house smells lovely.

Peter: I like these.  They weren’t too coconutty, and I’m not in the mood for anything too spicey tonight… these had a nice balance.

Anna: I’d call these a rich, spicy, easy Sunday night dinner if you take out the needless additional step.  Next time you need a shank, I’ll make this.

“Patara lamb shanks” from “Kitchen”

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