“Red velvet cupcakes” from “Kitchen”

Anna: I’m so excited about these cupcakes!

Kirstin: I know!  You’ve been going on about them for days.  Ordering fancy pastes and glitters, debating whether to use the Kitchen Aid or food processor….

Anna: SO excited!  I really hope they turn out better than our last few baking recipes from “Kitchen”.  I don’t think I can cope if they turn out to be a disappointment.  Not after all this anticipation!

Kirstin: Let’s get on with it then.  Kitchen Aid it is.

Anna: Can you imagine how difficult it would be to make these without a Kitchen Aid?  Or on your own?

Kirstin: They’re not that difficult!

Anna: No, but the paste is very red.  And it’s getting everywhere.  You have to add it to the batter while still mixing.  You couldn’t do that without either 4 hands, or a stand-alone implement doing the mixing for you.

Kirstin: This is the point where you wouldn’t want kids to be helping you.  Imagine the mess that could be made with all this red…..

Both: OH NO!!

Anna: What did we do??

Kirstin: Um.  I think I pressed the on button instead of the one to drop the beater back into the bowl….

Anna: Kirstin, your cashmere sweater….

Kirstin: Tom! Would you be able to run to the dry cleaners!?

Miles: Mummy, why is there red stuff all over the kitchen?

(Some time later)

Anna: I still have red dye all over my hands.

Kirstin: We look like we’ve murdered someone.  Like that man that chopped people up in the States.

Anna: This will be a good look for Zoe’s party tonight then.

Kirstin: Happily we’ve used the food processor for the cream cheese icing.  Calm has been restored.

Anna: Oops. I just dropped red glitter all over the counter.

Kirstin: We’re running out of baby wipes.

Miles: Anna, I could smell the red cakes upstairs and they smell delicious!  You can have a sticker!

Anna: They don’t look half bad, do they?  Happy birthday Zoe!

Kirstin: Happy birthday Zoe!

“Red velvet cupcakes” from “Kitchen”

12 thoughts on ““Red velvet cupcakes” from “Kitchen”

  1. Zoe says:

    These cakes were truly fabulous ! They looked amazing & tasted amazing , when I managed to get my hands on one that is, they disappeared pretty swiftly. My mum confessed to having eaten 2 ! Thank you lovely ladies xxxx ( do you need to send me the dry cleaning bill??….)

  2. Georgina R-S says:

    Yum. Yummy yum. These might have to be made for the hotly anticipated 6th birthday party (it’s not til December but it’s been being planned for a good six months….).
    I’m not hugely foody (well, not really at all if truth be told) but I do enjoy this blog – it gives me a little piece of south east London.

    1. annastamour says:

      Anything we can do to help Georgina! If you do make these (and they are fab, so you should!) I’d just advise not to have any little helpers. And cover anything that could be stained!

    1. annastamour says:

      Hi, we aren’t so fancy as to use piping bags I’m afraid (to be honest, I’m scared of them). Just an old-fashioned knife. Then we sprinkled with fancy red edible glitter. Yum.

      1. John says:

        Oh right. They look as if they are piped! Im making thse today, but trying cidervinegar/milk insted of buttermilk!

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