“Everyday brownies” from “Kitchen”

Anna:  Ooh, another bake-off.  Nigella says these brownies are a “no-notice” version.  Aren’t all brownies?  I’m dubious about these.  They were easy enough to make, as you’d expect, but I’m just not too sure about their brownie-ness.  So, I must turn to my trusty consumers of chocolate baked goods, for their expert opinions……

Ella: These are very thick.  I don’t like them as much as the last ones.  Do you mind if I don’t eat it all?

Anna: I haven’t led the witness have I Ella?

Ella: No!

Anna: What do you mean when you say they are quite thick?

Ella: They are like something I’d have at school, with custard.

Anna: That’s exactly what I thought!  They are like a nice chocolate sponge.  Or chocolate cake.  They are ok, but definitely not brownies are they?

Ella: They aren’t chocolatey enough, or gooey enough, to be brownies.

(Later that evening)

Anna: So what did you think Peter?

Peter: They are a nice, moist chocolate sponge.  I like them, but I wouldn’t call them a brownie.

Anna: So there you have it.  If you want a rich chocolate cake recipe, try this.  But if you want brownies, then Bill’s version is still the winner round these parts.

“Everyday brownies” from “Kitchen”

7 thoughts on ““Everyday brownies” from “Kitchen”

  1. Kathryn says:

    Interesting. I made her flourless ones from Express for gluten-free colleagues at work yesterday. People raved. It’s the age-old debate about whether brownies should be cake-y or fudge-y, isn’t it?

    1. annastamour says:

      See, I’m in the fudgey gooey camp. Too cakey and you may as well be eating a chocolate sponge, which is a different treat experience all together. Also, the fudgey ones last longer and get more fudgey as they go on. Cakey just dries out (as we’re finding with these brownies….)

    1. annastamour says:

      I haven’t tried her HTBADG version, in fact that’s the one book of hers I don’t have! I’m sure they are good though, Nigella being the Queen of indulgent desserts and baked treats. That’s why I was so disappointed with this recipe! You really must try Bill’s though, and let us know what you think!

  2. kate says:

    Hey, The brownies from Domestic Goddess *are* amazing, and are definitely my favourite brownie recipe – but if you’ve cooked them you’ll know why she refers to these ones as ‘no notice’. They’re straightforward to make but they contain a LOT of butter, sugar, eggs and high quality chocolate – more than I usually have lurking in my cupboards anyway! Which is why I was drawn to this recipe – shame that it didn’t meet expectation!

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