“Quick calamari pasta” from “Kitchen”

Anna: I would say that this is incredibly quick and easy to cook, but procuring the elusive “i calamari” pasta was not.  In fact I failed.

Peter: The pasta you’ve used looks quite like fat squid rings though.  I liked it.

Anna: It’s Nigella’s fall-back option, mezzi rigatoni.  But even this I had to buy in an Italian deli in Soho.  I may not have time for all this protracted ingredient-hunting soon.  Maybe Sainsbums will start to stock it now that Nigella has it as a star ingredient in her book.  Along with the liqueurs for the Grasshopper pie.

Peter: Waitrose, surely?

Anna: This was like an economy-version of crab pasta, as it had a lot of the same clean flavours with the chilli and garlic and spring onion.

Peter: I thought it was very tastey.  It looked a bit plain but tasted richer than I expected.

Anna: That was the butter.  Which was fine in this instance as squid has no calories.  Virtually.  I liked it too.  For the first 5 minutes or so.

Peter: It went cold quite quickly.

Anna: It did.  So then the pasta felt a bit heavy to me.

Peter: I didn’t think so.

Anna: I don’t mind though, as I’ll cook less pasta next time.  That’s not a bad thing.

Peter: It reminded me of Bill’s squid and chorizo pasta, but I expect this is healthier.

Anna: It is.  And simpler by virtue of having less ingredients.  I’ll make it again while we have the pasta shapes left, but don’t think I’ll be trawling through Soho again specifically for this recipe.

“Quick calamari pasta” from “Kitchen”

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