“Roast duck legs and potatoes” and “Coffee toffee meringues” from “Kitchen”

Anna: I thought this menu had a bistro feel to it.  Which seemed right for a Friday night.  But I had a bit of a potato issue.  They all stuck to the bottom of the roasting tin.

Kirstin: But it worked out ok.

Emma: They were very nice!

Anna: I hoped with all that duck fat swimming around they wouldn’t have a sticking problem. Now, if I’d just let them be, eventually they would have been ok.  But I did hack away at them slightly.

Kirstin: That probably added to the crispiness though.  Next time use some of that Teflon stuff in the bottom of the roasting tin.

Emma: Yes, that would solve the problem.

Kirstin: The duck was yum!

Emma: I liked the crispy skin.

Anna: I liked the crispy skin too.

Kirstin: I don’t do crispy skin.

Peter: Neither do I.

Anna:  That’s why you both are thin.  And I’m not.  Though Emna is thin and she does skin.

Emma: Not as thin as Kirstin!  It was a bit confit-ish. Nice crispy skin and really tender meat underneath.

Anna: I’m really pleased with this.  And it was dead easy.  Bung in pan, leave for 2 hours, hack at potatoes, meal served!

Kirstin: Having the green salad on the side was a good idea.  Something to cut through the richness of the duck and potatoes…..

Anna: I spent a little bit too much at the cheeseshop this afternoon, but I got all excited by the arrival of this year’s vacherin!

Emma: That is indeed a huge piece of cheese.

Kirstin: Ah, vacherin……

Anna: Now onto these beautiful meringues.  I do like a good meringue.  And I was sucked in by Nigella’s description of them being “the colour of oyster silk lingerie”.  All very French!

Peter: It doesn’t fit into the mouth easily.  Everything is sticking to the spoon.  It must be the butterscotch sauce.

Anna: It’s a toffee sauce.  What’s the difference between butterscotch and toffee anyway?

Peter: Isn’t it the same thing?

Emma: One’s got more butter in it than the other.

Kirstin: And one’s got more toff.  Who did biochemistry again?

Anna: This only had 15g of butter in it.

Kirstin & Emma: Really?!

Anna: But lots of sugar, golden syrup and cream.  Yum, yum.

Emma: These are so lovely and chewy.  Really fantastic.  I’m going to have to get the recipe from you.

Kirstin: I would definitely make these.  Well, if my oven worked.  Meringues are off-limits at the moment.

Peter: Too much cream for me, but Max is helping me finish it off!

“Roast duck legs and potatoes” and “Coffee toffee meringues” from “Kitchen”

3 thoughts on ““Roast duck legs and potatoes” and “Coffee toffee meringues” from “Kitchen”

  1. You need a pampered chef stoneware dish. My duck with potatoes has just come out of the oven No sticking potatoes but beautifully crispy, perfect duck and a dish that is easy to wash.

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