“Lemony salmon with cherry tomato couscous” from “Kitchen”

Kirstin: This is in the chapter called EASY DOES IT, and she says here that it is “insultingly simple”.

Anna: Right.

Kirstin: Which it was, but it could have been even simpler.

Anna: Like not needing 15 bowls! It was one bowl for the onion, one for the couscous, one for the salmon, one for the tomatoes… that’s four bowls! I suppose if you have people to wash your bowls up for you, then it is insultingly simple.

Kirstin: You had me!

Anna: I just don’t like using that many bowls. I would have soaked the red onion in a bowl, soaked the couscous in another bowl, and then added the tomatoes to the onion bowl.

Kirstin: The tomatoes could go into the couscous bowl at the same time as the onion.

Anna: And you can season the salmon on a board. You had to add lemon zest, paprika, garlic oil. She calls for another vessel to do that in, but we did it on a board. And she got the amount of water wrong with the couscous. The rule is that you use double the weight of water: if you have 120g of couscous you use 240ml, or 240g, of water. It would have been a disaster had we not upped the amount.

Tom: Well, I liked the end result.

Kirstin: I’m used to Asian salmon, from Bill Granger, which we have every week. Would you have this instead?

Anna: Except it has carbs, which you won’t eat. Bill’s salmon doesn’t have any. Unless you add them. Which we don’t. It’s one of the few carb-free meals I can do for Peter, and he doesn’t realise there are no carbs.

Kirstin: I don’t normally do couscous.

Tom: I love couscous. It’s like a carb that consists mainly of air. Yeah, I’d have that instead of Bill’s salmon, every other week?

Anna: With less bowls.

Tom: Fewer bowls. Fewer.

Kirstin: Thank you, Mr Economist man!

Anna: Smart arse.

“Lemony salmon with cherry tomato couscous” from “Kitchen”

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