“Chocolate chip cookies” from “Kitchen”

Anna: Can you believe it, I now have an egg white in my freezer!

Kirstin: Just like Nigella!  She would be proud…..

Anna: Well she says to freeze them, and who am I to argue when I’m making meringues on Friday?  You might wonder what this has to do with chocolate chip cookies.

Kirstin: Well I was wondering where this was going….

Anna: This recipe was a little mad.  Nigella says that she’s can’t even count how many versions she’s tried and this is the best one. A woman after my own heart.  In the name of research I had to give it a go.  It involved quite a lot more flour than I’m used to.  I added some salt, even though it wasn’t in the recipe.  You have to have salt to balance the sweetness.  And a whole packet of chocolate chips…

Kirstin: The return of Toll House so soon?

Anna: Yup!  And strangely one whole egg and one egg yolk, fridge cold.  The batter had to stay in the fridge too, whilst I wasn’t using it.  I’ve read a lot about perfect choc chip cookie recipes and the merits or otherwise of fridge-ing during the process.  So I was intrigued.

Kirstin: And, what do we think?

Anna: Well, I’ll leave the tasting to the experts.  But these are big mothers! As dense as a true American cookie.  A meal in a cookie! They have really held their shape well.  But are they chewy?

Ella: Mmmmm.  Mwwwhh mmmwwwhh mmwwhh. (Best chocolate chip cookie ever) Chewy and chocolatey, but not too chewy so it’s just right.  These are definitely the best.

“Chocolate chip cookies” from “Kitchen”

9 thoughts on ““Chocolate chip cookies” from “Kitchen”

    1. annastamour says:

      Oh no! I was going to give her one but my phone rang and she left without us saying goodbye properly!! Curses. I will make it up to her.

  1. Peter says:

    I think these are the best non-chocolate chocolate cookie I’ve had. Moist and chewy, and not shy with the chocolate chips, number three tastes as nice as the first. More please (you may alternate with the brownies).

  2. I haven’t been inspired to cook much from Nigella’s Kitchen, but I have made these cookies and they are probably my favourite cookies, next to the ones from Nigella Express. In fact, Kitchen is worth buying for this recipe alone, I think 🙂

    1. annastamour says:

      I made another batch on Sunday, had two sets of visitors round and the whole lot were gone by the end of the day! Time to make some more I think….

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