“Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes” and “Guinness Ginger Bread” from “Kitchen”

Kirstin: I like chorizo, and this looked quite easy. We were supposed to be going for a walk today, and it looked as though I’d be able to rustle this up quite easily afterwards. But it rained so we didn’t go for our walk.

Viv: Nigella used to have nicotine-stained teeth.

Nancy (looking at Nigella’s picture on front of book): Obviously her teeth have been whitened. And filed. And capped!

Viv: They have *so* obviously been capped.

Toby: They could have been Photoshopped!

Tom: Well, what about the food? What do you all think?

Viv: It was good! I’m going to do that one. It was a good tray meal. But I’d say more orange, more onion, more oregano. I could smell the orange when it was cooking.

Tom: I didn’t realise there was orange.

Nancy: I can really taste the orange, but I make an orange and chorizo dish, and it’s a traditional combination.

Toby: I can taste it if I think about it. On the potato.

Kirstin: I thought I’d bought chicken with skin on, but I hadn’t. So it was nude chicken.

Viv: I think it’s impossible to review this recipe properly without the skin.

Nancy: It’s as if you have to review a beach, and you show up and find it’s a nudist beach.

Toby: Who ever has to review a beach?

Nancy: A travel writer might have to. It’s the impropriety of having to review chicken without skin on it.

Viv: You can’t properly review a recipe if it’s meant to have had skin on. But that said, this recipe was fatty enough without the chicken skin.

Tom: Speaking of skin, you peeled the chorizo, right, Kirstin?

Kirstin: I did. She didn’t say to, but I did.

Toby: This is like the worst Radio 4 discussion programme ever!

Viv: Or an Islington dinner party discussion!

Kirstin: The chorizo was amazing.

Viv: It looks like black pudding.

Nancy: Is there any more chorizo? And maybe a potato?

Toby: Is there any more chicken?

Tom: This is a good sign if everyone wants seconds. We’ll be doing this again, then; but will you go for the chicken with skin next time, Kirstin?

Kirstin: I thought it was perfect as it was. It doesn’t need skin.

Toby: But is the heart of the home really the kitchen?

Kirstin: Well, it’s not her kitchen. It’s a studio. In this week’s show she came in, in her coat, and she’s cooking, and half way through the cooking she throws off her coat, and her shoes. And then she does another recipe in her dressing gown! A silk one!

Tom: She knows her audience, it seems.

Nancy: But who are they?

Tom: The women who cook and the men who like to watch. Anyway, what do you think of pudding?

Toby: I thought I wasn’t going to be able to eat the whole piece — but I did! It was moist! Was that the Guinness?

Kirstin: We were a bit worried when we made it. It was really liquid.

Viv: And as veterans of cake-making sessions, it was definitely runnier than our usual cake batter.

Nancy: Veterans? I can see the scars…

Viv (holding tummy): Here they are! Here they are!

Kirstin: So, I had to cook it for a bit longer with foil on the top, because it wasn’t cooked.

Viv: It was very morish. I would probably use less sour cream. It’s really nice, it’s fiddly, we had to cover it with foil, take off the foil, and then crisp it again.

Toby: I would have served a smaller portion with a bit of vanilla ice cream on the side.

Kirstin: I cut it up, and I didn’t realise how deep it was until it was on the plate. Look at it! It’s like a mountain!

Nancy: It’s huge. But it is lovely and moist.

Tom: I finished mine, too. It was lovely, I loved the spices. Very Christmassy.

Kirstin: Ooh, she says it can be frozen for up to three months! Woo-hoo! She says to serve it with sour and scarlet plums. And I thought: I’m not making that too. So that’s why you have nothing to go with it.

Toby: I think vanilla ice cream would be fine.

Nancy: Or a small dab of cream.

Kirstin: But I thought you would all say no to cream.

Toby: Viv never says no to cream.

“Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes” and “Guinness Ginger Bread” from “Kitchen”

3 thoughts on ““Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes” and “Guinness Ginger Bread” from “Kitchen”

  1. Peter says:

    Thanks for the gingerbread cake. I didn’t know it was made with Guinness until I read this. It safely avoided the dry, crumbly texture that gingerbread can have. Personally I would have said it could have stood more gingerness, but on balance it was a good bitesize cake.

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