“Bill’s Basics” – our verdict

Anna: Good old Bill. Couldn’t get through enough of his recipes this month.

Kirstin: Too true. Apart from that chocolate cake, every one has been a winner.

Anna: Hang on, you had to change the tin sizes with all the cake recipes!

Kirstin: You’re right!

Anna: But generally this has lived up to my expectations; that being, a really good cook book for every day. Yummy, but healthy recipes.

Kirstin: You weren’t sure at the beginning though, were you?

Anna: No. It was a different layout from his usual books and different style. So I was worried that might have a knock-on effect on the recipes.

Kirstin: But it’s a top book.

Anna: It is a top book. That chocolate chip cookie recipe is going to be my standard recipe from now on.

Kirstin: What, more than your beloved Toll House recipe?

Anna: Definitely, I’m afraid to say. I have finally moved myself out of the 1970s. And I have to say the Pad see ew was so delicious that I am cooking that again this week.  In fact I’ll definitely be doing all the curries and stir-fries again.

Kirstin: I took the carrot cake leftovers into work and everyone asked me for the recipe. How’s that for a success story?

Anna: Our verdict. Lovely Bill, as usual, dependable and yummy. I expect I will be cooking a lot from this book in the future and trying out all the other recipes we didn’t do this month.   Thanks for the book, Bill!

“Bill’s Basics” – our verdict

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