“Fish and chips” from “Bill’s Basics”

Miles: I am eating loads of these chips because they are so yummy. And Oscar, our cat just came up to my chip because he thought it was a bit of fish.

Kirstin: Miles, do cats like fish then?

Miles: Yeah.

Kirstin: Why?

Miles: Because it tastes delicious!

Kirstin: Do you like that fish too Miles?

Miles: Hmmm. Yes. I do. It tastes good (thumbs up), but I like the chips more!

Kirstin: So girls, do you like the fish and chips? You were very helpful with the chips…

Ella: This is yummy! I like the chips. They’re all crispy.

Sasha: I prefer cod to this fish.

Kirstin: I used pollock today. Better for the environment and all that…

Sasha: The chips are yummy and it’s fun making shapes out of them.

“Fish and chips” from “Bill’s Basics”

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