“Baked orecchiette with sausage and cavolo nero” from “Bill’s Basics”

Anna: I’ve wanted to do this recipe since I first read this book cover to cover.  With a cup of tea.

Kirstin: It’s a bit like sausage sauce on Fridays.  This looks really yummy.  I can’t wait to eat this.  I couldn’t find any orecchiette on Ocado, but then I found my lucky packet in the cupboard.

Anna: Your emergency packet?  Like your emergency Creme Egg?  I am feeling very smug, for my search for cavolo nero paid off this morning.  I hunted it down in the Foodhall at John Lewis.  Hurrah!!

Kirstin: Who would’ve thought?

Anna: Me.  Clearly.  And the sausages are proper Italian boys from Gennaro’s in Lewisham.

Kirstin: You have succeeded in your food quests.  You are truly a mighty Jedi.

Anna: It had better taste nice!


Tom: Wow. This is yum. Did you add extra chilli?

Kirstin: I just added the amount it said.

Anna: But I was told by Mr Gennaro at the deli that they were spicy Italian sausages.

Kirstin: And the chilli I use is really spicy.

Tom: Well, it’s great, anyway. Meat, vegetables, pasta and cheese, all in one dish!

Anna: There are a couple of things to note. We had to leave it in the oven longer than he said to melt the ricotta. We ended up putting the grill. But the end result…

Kirstin: …was jolly nice.

Anna: Would it be wrong to say that I could eat the whole lot?

Kirstin: The poor boy is finally better, so we can’t eat Peter’s portion.

“Baked orecchiette with sausage and cavolo nero” from “Bill’s Basics”

8 thoughts on ““Baked orecchiette with sausage and cavolo nero” from “Bill’s Basics”

  1. Katrin says:

    Think I have some cavolo Nero nearly ready on the allotment so can’t wait to try this (minus chilli) when we finally get our kitchen back. I might now have access to more cream eggs – willing to be bribed!

  2. Peter St-Amour says:

    So this is what the posh students were eating whilst we were enjoying Mega Pies, and I the home made bacon pudding (recommended, if they allow you to buy that much suet in a single transaction these days and you have two hours to spend between ‘revising’).

    The pasta was quite weighty and the greenery set it off well. The cheese wasn’t too melted and Lordy, those sausages were spicy little go-ers.

    1. annastamour says:

      Our pleasure, glad you liked it too! I’ve already made it again, and plan to do so a lot more as it gets colder….!

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