“Brownies” from “Bill’s Basics”

Anna: Ahh.  Brownies.  My ultimate baking therapy.  Any bad day is made better for baking brownies.

Peter: Why?

Anna: They are so chocolatey.  Which helps soothe any crisis.  And they are relatively easy to bake.  So there aren’t loads of bowls to wash up.  And it doesn’t matter if you get the time in the oven slightly wrong, because they are supposed to be that way.

Peter: These were unctuous.  Almost coffee-like because they were so chocolatey.  I would like more than a tiny morsel.

Anna: You’re still sick, so that’s all you’re getting.  Like chocolate chip cookies I’ve always used the same recipe, the one on the Toll House chocolate chip packet.  It wasn’t broke so….  But these are properly gooey and deeply chocolatey.  There is hardly any flour, 4 eggs, loads of cocoa powder and loads of dark chocolate.  I think that’s why they are so rich and fudgey.

Peter: Another nail in the coffin for the Toll House chocolate chips then.

Anna: I think maybe.  Nigella’s got an ultimate brownie recipe in her new book, so I may reserve judgement before deciding on the best recipe ever.  But this version is better than the Toll House one.  So it’s in the lead so far.  Nuts.  I do like a nut in my brownie.

Peter: Don’t give them all away before I’m better.


Ella: Mwahahaha…thanks Anna for the amaaazing brownies.

“Brownies” from “Bill’s Basics”

3 thoughts on ““Brownies” from “Bill’s Basics”

  1. Adeline says:

    I just made these due to how much you recommended them and they have instantly become my fave brownie of all time. There is no going back.
    Thank you!

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