“Carrot cake” from “Bill’s Basics”

Anna: Phew.  This went much better than the Cake of DOOM.  Apart from you forgetting half the ingredients.

Kirstin: I thought I HAD bought them!

Tom: So you didn’t forget them — you forgot that you hadn’t bought them.

Anna: This is a perfect Sunday afternoon cake. It’s fruity, it’s like a tea-time cake. It’s not a dessert cake. And it’s got at least two of your five-a-day in it.

Kirstin: It’s my first carrot cake!

Tom: I liked the raisins. Are they usually in carrot cakes?

Kirstin: They were supposed to be sultanas.

Anna: I thought they worked. They were darker and chewier than sultanas would have been. Perhaps because the cake was slightly burned.

Kirstin: We have at least figured out my oven now.

Anna: I think it would work very well with chopped dates in it, in place of the raisins.

Kirstin: So do you think Peter might like some of this cake then? On his sick bed? With his chicken noodle soup?

Anna: Yes, I think I will take him some home.  I’ll eat it if he can’t!

“Carrot cake” from “Bill’s Basics”

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