“Chocolate mousse cake” or “The Cake of DOOM” from “Bill’s Basics”

Anna: This has been a complete disaster.  From start to finish.

Kirstin: Yeah.

Anna: You need a drink.  And I am developing a stye from the stress, and in sympathy with Miles.

Kirstin: We won’t be making this again.

Anna: So, we think the pan measurement was incorrect; the cake was too flat and cooked too quickly.  It should have probably been in a smaller cake tin. It burnt.  Even though we took it out of the oven 15 minutes early.

Kirstin: Then the Mousse Debacle began.  The first lot of chocolate seized when we put the egg yolks in, even though it had been cooling for about an hour.

Anna: I tried to whisk it into submission, but that just turned into a big brown turd-like lump.

Kirstin: Then we bought more chocolate.  And eggs.

Anna: I ran down to the nice Indian man.  He was very sympathetic.

Kirstin: And tried again.  Only added two egg yolks this time.


Kirstin: Do you think it could be our fault twice, or do you think maybe there’s an problem with the recipe?

Anna: Haven’t got the energy to care anymore.  You got the wrong type of double cream too.  So I ran down to the nice Indian man a second time.  I explained we were having a cooking disaster.  He offered me a bag.

Kirstin: We’ve started to think about all the other Bill chocolate recipes that have gone wrong.  We’re going to stick to his baking, but forget any of his recipes with chocolate.

Zoe: Do you know what?  You’ve done yourselves a favour.  The calories in this… you’d have to run for a week!

Anna: I’m doing his brownies next week.

Kirstin: Uh-oh! Does it involve melting chocolate? Good luck!

Anna: The problem is when you have to add eggs to chocolate.  I can’t bear to think about it anymore.


Kirstin (on the phone to Anna): Do you know the problem with that cake was that it was trying to be Nigella’s Easter Egg Nest Cake and just failed at every point. I served it up, but it was so heavy we didn’t progress to more than one slice each.

Anna: But it was chocolate cake. Everyone loves chocolate cake…

Kirstin: Ah yes. But not THIS chocolate cake. I won’t be making this again.

Anna: Neither will I.

Kirstin: I’m going to try one of his non-chocolate cakes though. Those are always good!

“Chocolate mousse cake” or “The Cake of DOOM” from “Bill’s Basics”

9 thoughts on ““Chocolate mousse cake” or “The Cake of DOOM” from “Bill’s Basics”

  1. Dominique Hurley says:

    The only problem with this recipe is the oven temperature. The first time I made the cake it cooked too quickly and burnt. The next time I dropped the oven temperature down to 150 and it was perfect. It took 45 minutes and dropped only as much as I would expect a flourless cake to drop as it cooled.
    The mousse is a breeze. God knows how you messed up that one.
    This is a cracker of a recipe. You just have to use the best ingredients and take care with temperatures. You can’t make it if you’ve had a bad day and you are in a bad mood.

  2. This cake sounds very much like the River Cafe’s chocolate nemesis cake, it has only eggs, sugar, butter & chocolate. I have the recipe on my blog with step by step photos if you’d like to check it out. Just a warning though, it’s very rich & chocolatey & fattening & yummy & well you get it, it’s DELISH..

  3. Kerry Powell says:

    The Chocolate mousse cake was to die for. Mine looked exactly like the picture & was delicious. My guests loved it so much they bought the book just for this recipe.

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