Blogging Birthday Bash – “White Ladies”, “Rice Paper Rolls”, “Keralan Fish Curry with Lemon Rice” and “White Chocolate and Passionfruit Mousse” from “Forever Summer”

Anna: I’m getting quite good at these birthday feasts given it’s the month of August. Because you are my co-conspirator and blogging partner-in-crime, this is a particularly special one.   Thankfully Zoe was able to run to Marks’ in her 3 inch peeptoe heels, on an emergency lemon mission, so now we are able to drink White Ladies all night!

Zoe: I only got one blister!  (Cackle)

Kirstin: I’m going to miss the cocktails.  I think we should do them anyway after this month.

Anna: Shall I email Bill and ask him to write a cocktail book?

Zoe: Wasn’t the idea to drink less if we had cocktails? But instead we downed the first one.

Anna: White Ladies were chosen in honour of us and our purity.  Eh Zoe?

Zoe: (Cackle)

Anna: So what do we think of the Rice Paper Rolls?  Stuffed condom anyone?

Zoe: Bring it on!

Kirstin: I love your stuffed condom.  I like the texture and flavour.

Zoe: I like the stickiness when you pick them up.  They go down easily.  And the Thai basil gives them that je ne sais quoi.

Anna: See Woo provided the rice pancakes.  And the basil.  They were a bit fussy to make, but they do taste nice don’t they?  Anyway, it’s curry time.  Keralan Fish Curry.  With tilapia.

Kirstin: And lots of chillies.

Anna: I only used half of what Nigella called for.  Are you struggling Kirstin?

Kirstin: She has a mouth made of asbestos.

Anna: You’ll get sued for saying that.

Zoe: I thoroughly enjoyed that curry.  I thought that fish was mmmm.  Mmmm.  I don’t do poncey talk.  Mmmmmmhmmmm.

Anna: I feel like you should have a room to yourself.

Kirstin: Zoe says I’m going to have a bowel-cleansing moment tomorrow morning.  It’s all the chilli.  And the lemon juice in the cocktails.

Anna: You’ll weigh 3lbs lighter tomorrow for this meal.  Not that you need to.

Zoe: The rice was perfect.

Kirstin: It was very yellow.  My mum would be proud.

Anna: Yellow on yellow.  Yellow is a happy colour.  I liked the spikey colour of the red chillies in the yellow of the curry.  It was beautiful.  Anyway, pudding.

Kirstin:  I don’t even like passionfruit.

Anna: Good to know, AFTER I’ve made your birthday meal.

Kirstin: But this was lovely.  Really lovely.  Thank you.

Anna: It wasn’t really moussey though was it?

Zoe: It was further down, the fruity oooooohfff.  I love passionfruit.  It’s just divine.  And then the raspberry chaser at the bottom.  I was like, bring it on!  (Cackle)

Anna: Cocktails.  Bloody brilliant.

Kirstin: I’m going to miss the cocktails……

Peter: The curry had the right amount of heat compared to yesterday.  The mousse was a bit like popping candy.

Anna: So there you have it.  Have we finished that bottle of gin yet?  (It was a small bottle).

Blogging Birthday Bash – “White Ladies”, “Rice Paper Rolls”, “Keralan Fish Curry with Lemon Rice” and “White Chocolate and Passionfruit Mousse” from “Forever Summer”

6 thoughts on “Blogging Birthday Bash – “White Ladies”, “Rice Paper Rolls”, “Keralan Fish Curry with Lemon Rice” and “White Chocolate and Passionfruit Mousse” from “Forever Summer”

  1. Naima Sanowar says:

    I loved it all. I wish I was there to try the stuffed condoms, white ladies and very yellow rice. Sounded fabulous. Is it your birthday Kirstin?


  2. Stuffed condoms and talk of bowel cleansing? I can’t believe I still want to try that curry despite all the deterrents 🙂 Looks great ladies!

    1. annastamour says:

      I felt very refreshed the next day, inspite of the alcohol-induced fuzz, so it’s definitely worth trying Mckinley!

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