J’ai un poulet dans mon frigo — or “Caesar Cleopatra” from “Forever Summer”

Tom: Alors, ce soir nous bloggons seulement en Franglais. Est-ce-que Caesar a fait le shagging avec Cleopatra? Ou est-ce-que c’etait seulement Mark Anthony?

Kirstin: Un moment. Je consulte Wikipedia. Ah, ils ont produit un son, Caesarion! Elle avait poppe le sprog exactement neuf mois apres le premier meeting avec Caesar.

Tom: Duh. Bien sur. J’avait completement forgotten.

Anna: Elle etait l’Angelina Jolie of her day!

Tom: Qui etait Jennifer? Qui etait Brad? Mark Anthony, presumablement.

Anna: Et ils avaient twins! If we’d been taught classics like this I’d have remembered it.

Kirstin: Last lesson on a Friday every week! I fell asleep every Friday afternoon even though I loved classics.

Tom: Enough of this. Explain the whole poulet/frigo business.

Kirstin: It’s because Nigella always has…

Anna: A frigo in her poulet! I’ll read you the quote from the book: “I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how often I eat this” — this is the spatchcocked chicken, but never mind — “so often, in fact, that I always have a couple of chickens, spatchcocked, in the marinade and vacuum-sealed in plastic bags, waiting in the fridge, ready for the off at any given moment.” This is page 136. So this is where the joke has come from that we always have a poulet in the frigo. But ours wasn’t marinating nor was it spatchcocked.

Tom: No, it was just bought the other day at Carrefour and bunged in the fridge. So what did you have to do to make this Cleopatra salad?

Anna: Well, Nigella has four chicken-salad recipes for summer.

Kirstin: Personally, I think a Mark Anthony-Cleopatra salad would have been more exciting.

Anna: Alors, we chose this one because Kirstin won’t eat mango. Despite her Caribbean heritage.

Kirstin: I don’t like mango. Or raisins or figs in salads.

Anna: She won’t eat fruit with meat.

Kirstin: You shouldn’t eat fruit with meat. It’s bad. I like every other tropical fruit. Even the mad exotic ones you’ve never heard of. I just don’t like mango.

Anna: It’s making this blog very difficult, frankly. Because we can’t ever have any type of fruit in anything. We can’t make tagines, pilafs, things with figs, things with mango. So it left us with the Caesar Cleopatra.

Kirstin: I’m saving you from disgusting food choices!

Anna: It’s restricting our choices! It cuts out about 5% of all recipes! So it was brilliant. We bunged the poulet dans le oven with the herbes de provence. I didn’t have any Worcestershire Sauce, so I put soy sauce in instead. I wanted a substitute umami. We mixed the poulet with lettuce, avocado and parmesan. And we went slightly off-piste and put some lardons in, because we have to empty le frigo.

Kirstin: Mark Anthony would be proud! So it as kind of like a cobb salad.

Anna: We had the parmesan and the egg-yolk dressing. I did not freeze the egg-whites for future use. Nigella would be very upset. The dressing was egg yolk, olive oil, lemon juice and a bit of soy. Un peu de soy. The important thing is that the bowl is now empty.

Kirstin: Vide! Completement vide.

Tom: I had thirds. It was great.

Kirstin: I had seconds. I would have had thirds, but you had them. I’d definitely make this again.

Anna: Oh, definitely. In fact I’m looking forward to making it again.

Tom: So you’ll be keeping a poulet dans le frigo!

J’ai un poulet dans mon frigo — or “Caesar Cleopatra” from “Forever Summer”

One thought on “J’ai un poulet dans mon frigo — or “Caesar Cleopatra” from “Forever Summer”

  1. nats says:

    Now this concoction looks yum-my, and I’m loving the lardon addition. Now if you could just get Kirstin to revoke her frankly ridiculous meat-fruit embargo and throw in some grapes, I’d be utterly on board.

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