“Plenty” by Yotam Ottolenghi – our verdict

Anna: Well, we really, really wanted to love this book.

Kirstin: Because it had a padded cover…

Anna: …and the photography was so beautiful. I remember when you got the book — you were so ecstatic, you couldn’t wait to cook things from it… and then we started cooking.

Kirstin: And cooking…

Anna: And we came down to earth with a huge bump. Ottloenghi? Faff-alenghi, more like. I’m hoping the next book won’t require me to use the word “faff” 15 times in each post. I’m getting bored of using that word. If you Google the word faff, I bet we’re number one!

Tom: I’ll try it! Hang on… Yes! If you Google “faff cookbook” you guys are the top hit!

Anna: No! You’re serious? Wow! That’s made my week! We have had some successes, though.

Kirstin: The mozzarella is actually astounding.

Anna: I loved the gorgonzola lentil thing.

Kirstin: I had nightmares after that!

Anna: That’s just you. I’d make that as a starter.

Kirstin: I liked the multi-vegetable paella.

Anna: Did it taste nice? Was it worth the effort? Be honest.

Kirstin (after long pause): Yeah. And we liked the watermelon salad.

Tom: That was fantastic.

Kirstin: So we liked a lot of things. What will be make again?

Anna: The marinated mozzarella — I’ve made that again already. And if I was having a lardy day I’d make the smoky fritatta again. I’d make the Vampire Pie if I had someone to peel the garlic for me.

Kirstin: I’ll do that for you!

Anna: But you have things to do, like work, and be a mother and a wife.

Kirstin: And take photos! I’d cook the mozzarella again. And the watermelon and feta.

Oscar the cat: Mwaooaoooh! Waooh!

Tom: Overall verdict for the book, then?

Kirstin: I give the photos in the book 12/10. Sadly, the recipes get 6/10.

Anna: I give it 4/10. I didn’t buy the book for the photos. I’m so glad this month is over! But Peter is more glad.

Kirstin: Did you not like the padded cover? It’s like being in a asylum!

Anna: There’s a reason why it’s padded. After a month of vegetarian food I was expecting to feel much better. Instead I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent just peeling stuff.

“Plenty” by Yotam Ottolenghi – our verdict

7 thoughts on ““Plenty” by Yotam Ottolenghi – our verdict

  1. Georgia says:

    I’m going to try that mozzarella. Yum.
    I’ve done the sweet potatoes roasted with coriander about 10 times and it’s no faff and delicious. There’s a creme fraiche dip with it, which I perk up with a bit of horseradish because I don’t really do subtle.
    Thanks ladies!

  2. I am so excited to come across your blog! Some friends and I do something “similar” — we pick a cookbook every two months and cook recipes out of it. At the end of the two months, we put our reviews together in a blog entry, including scores for each review, and then average out the scores for a final cookbook score. Anywho, this round we are doing Plenty by Ottolenghi. I haven’t cooked up my dishes yet, but was looking into the lentils one and the sweet potatoes, so was excited to see your results! Our results will be posted at the end of Sept 🙂

    I look forward to reading more of your entries about the other cookbooks! I’m always trying to think of promising cookbooks for our cook club to try… Btw, we really enjoyed “Ten” by Sheila Lukins (http://wanderlustfood.blogspot.com/2011/08/cook-club-ten-by-sheila-lukins.html) and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (http://wanderlustfood.blogspot.com/2010/07/cook-club-jamies-food-revolution.html).


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