“Multi-vegetable paella” from “Plenty”

Kirstin: This looked so fantastic in the book, I had to try it. As expected, it was a real faff to make. There were lots of stages and lots of ingredients, including shelling broad beans. It said it served two, but it could have served four.

Tom: Would it have served two as a main course?

Kirstin: No, even then it would have been three. We had it with barbecued meats.

Mark: It was a riot of summer colour, with all the taste of the southern Mediterranean. What was really nice was that it was lighter because it didn’t have seafood. So it was the perfect complement to the meat we were having. Seafood would have made it too rich.

Tom: I’m not sure what the definition of a paella is, but this had that creamy richness that I associate with paella, even though it didn’t have seafood in it. It was a lovely accompaniment to all that meat.

Kirstin: It must be the saffron, and the vegetable stock, and the special kind of rice. Would I make it again? Yes, I would. I’d give it a 7/10.

“Multi-vegetable paella” from “Plenty”

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