“Linguini with Crab” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”

Friday night and we need something quick but celebratory (it’s the end of the week after all), so linguini with crab it is.  I’d been looking forward to doing this recipe, as our usual pasta/crab favourite is from Bill’s Sydney Food, and has a bit more of an Asian feel to it (lime juice, spring onions as well as chillis etc).  So time to revisit an old Italian favourite…..

The curse of the River Cafe mad proportions returned – not having 2 large live male crabs to hand on a Friday night, nor having the inclination to find them and engage in all that faff, I guessed at a sufficient crab meat weight for two, and bought 100g of white meat and 100g of brown.  (This is what we use for Bill’s recipe).  Consequently the quantities of the rest of the ingredients had to be improvised – how many chillis… lemons…. how much garlic… flat leaf parsley?  How much did we feel like on a warm Friday evening?

The end result was perfectly nice, but just didn’t have the level of punch that we’re used to.  To be fair, this may have been down to improvising the quatities a bit, but this isn’t going to replace our usual recipe I’m afraid.  Good for the non-chilli fiends, but not a new favourite for us.

“Linguini with Crab” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”

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