“Strawberry Sorbet” versus “Raspberry and Red Wine Sorbet” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”

Kirstin: These are both sorbets, but one of them, the raspberry one, contains a very small amount of wine and double cream. The raspberry one was much easier to make; the strawberry one involved hulling a lot of strawberries. I used an ice-cream machine for both of them, but you don’t need one. So which one will my guests (Georgia, Alex, Tom M and Kathryn) prefer?

Georgia: The raspberry is slightly tart… slightly fizzy! What’s that word?

Tom M: Petillant.

Kathryn: Like a sherbet!

Kirstin: The raspberry one has a little bit of cream, which a sorbet is not supposed to have.

Georgia: Why? Maybe it’s to make sure it’s not too icy.

Kirstin: I had trouble with the quantities again. I halved them both, and the raspberry didn’t make enough, and the strawberry made too much.

Georgia: Alex has finished his!

Alex: And it was great. It was jolly good. But I think I preferred the strawberry.

Georgia: Yes.

Tom M: It was a very good match, the sweetness and the tartness of the raspberry one.

Kathryn: The colour is deceptive, you think it’s going to be sweet.

Tom M: The strawberry one has a sugary aftertaste, though. It’s like a dog with peanut butter!

Georgia: I don’t get that feeling. But that’s why I usually like sorbets.

Tom M: I am swinging back to the raspberry.

Alex: Very fickle, Tom, very fickle.

Tom: So if you could have another helping of one or the other, which would you have?

Georgia, Kathryn, Alex: Strawberry!

Georgia: Definitely. It reminds me of a recipe called strawberry freezer jam. I must send it to you. It’s like jam, but you put it in the freezer.

Tom M: Raspberry.

Alex: Tom, you’re wrong. You’ve been voted down. What does it feel like?

Tom M: I started off preferring the strawberry. But it had this sugary aftertaste…

Tom: “De gustibus…”, I suppose. Or, “When the facts change…”

Tom M: “…I change my mind. What do you do?” It’s Keynes.

Georgia: It was a brilliant column in Prospect, but they’ve stopped it. All good things must come to an end.

Tom: That’s because they couldn’t find enough people prepared to admit that they were wrong.

(meanwhile, outside in the garden)

Ella: The dark one has wine in it! That one! I like the red one. The strawberry one.

Sophie: I like the red one, too. Try the dark pink one, William! It’s quite nice, but it’s not *really* nice.

Ella: It’s too winey!

William (screws up face): Erm. I like the strawberry one! The raspberry one has too much wine added.

Ella: Can I have more strawberry?

Kirstin: No. It’s in the freezer.

Ella: NOOOO! I will give you my pocket money! Please!

Tom: So, the clear verdict: Strawberry wins. Except for Tom M, who preferred the raspberry. Look, empty plates.

Kathryn: That’s a wonderful colour palette.

“Strawberry Sorbet” versus “Raspberry and Red Wine Sorbet” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”

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