“Lemon sorbet” from “The River Cafe Cook Book”

Ella: Oh my god. That is amazing.

Georgia: It is awesome! Divine! Amazing! Stupendous! Phenomenal!

Ella: Lemonish.

Kirstin: And the mystery ingredient is?

Georgia: Lemon zest?

Ella: Guacamole! No, I know this. It’s banana! All lemon sorbet has banana in it. There’s just one thing. I don’t like the little lemon bits in it. The best sorbet I ever had was in Italy. It was actually in a lemon. It was yum. All lemon sorbet is fabulicious.

Kirstin: Oh, that was at the Four Winds in Montepulciano. I see these girls are adding their own secret ingredient, not in the River Cafe recipe…

Ella and Georgia: Sherbet. Mwahahahahah!

Georgia: Why is sorbet called sorbet, and not lemon ice cream? Would anyone like to see my sorbet dance?

Kirstin: And on that note, time to clear up!

  1. Naima Sanowar said:

    OMG Love this post.. such good food critics these young ladies are.. looks yum yum yum

  2. lovely girls, I could have a pint of that sorbet NOW

  3. Zoe Ayling said:

    Fantastic! & again wonderful photos.
    Big Smile

    I want Lemon Sorbet!!!

  4. Georgia said:

    Aww. Just gorgeous.

  5. annastamour said:

    Wish I was there! x

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