“A Light Chicken Ragu” from Nigel Slater’s “Eat”

Tom: This looks like a stew.

Kirstin: It sort of it. The hardest part of this recipe was almost mincing the chicken.

Tom: Yes, I can imagine that was tricky.


Kirstin: There’s a lot of lemon in here too; a squeeze at the end and lemon thyme along the way too. I had to reduce the quantities again because I don’t know where Nigel is coming from but I didn’t need as many herbs as he suggested.

Tom: Well I love it.

Miles: I’m not so sure.

Ella: It reminds me of a meal we used to have at my school.

Kirstin: Is that good or bad?

Ella: Good. Definitely good.

Kirstin: Well then. Maybe I’ll make it again sometime!

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  1. Spooky. Had homed in on this as serious comfort food. Thin k it will depend on the fat content for success. Btw, Bocca di Lupo FANTASTIC xxxx

    • Kirstin said:

      It is serious comfort food and really very yummy (even though it’s not very Italian). SO glad to hear you enjoyed Bocca di Lupo! Excellent! x

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