“Crab Mac and Cheese” from Nigel Slater’s “Eat”

IMG_4526Maureen: Sigh. I am not so sure about this.

Andrew (14): It seems OK, I guess.

Maureen: You’re a teenager. I’m beginning to think you’ll eat nearly anything. I was all excited to make this. It’s the combination of two things we love– crab and mac ‘n cheese! I thought it would be great. I think I was wrong.

Nicholas (10): It’s as if the two tastes are battling it out and neither is the winner.

Andrew: Is that just another way of saying you don’t like it?

Nicholas: Yes.

Maureen: I agree with Nicholas. The crab is always good and mac and cheese is always good, but together, they don’t seem to get along.

Andrew: I’m not so sure about the mustard.

Maureen: Me neither.

Nicholas: The mustard is gross. Maybe that’s why the flavours are fighting.

Maureen: Well, this is disappointing. I think the rest of this is going in the bin. What a shame.

Nicholas: Please don’t make this again.

Maureen: I’m not planning on it.

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  1. Anne Pollak said:

    “It’s as if the two tastes are battling it out and neither is the winner.” LOL. I sense a future food critic in the making!

    • Maureen Stapleton said:

      He’s good comedic value, that Nicholas. We should get him to do a work experience with RVines!

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