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Anna: I’m making normal pasta for the kids. Would you like spaghetti or do you want to try the courgette spaghetti?

Peter: In for a penny and all that.

Anna Do you like this sauce Louis? It’s like sausage sauce. But a bit different.

Louis: I like it. Please can I have some more?

Peter: Isabella likes it too!

Anna: That’s good, because it’s got lots of grated carrots in it.

Peter: So how is it different from your normal bolognese?

Anna: It’s not really. Beef mince, onions, wine, tomatoes, cook for hours, add grated carrots… Normally the carrots are added at the beginning as a sofrito, so I guess that’s the only difference. It makes it a little more healthy, not that you can tell. I would definitely make this again. It was certainly very easy.

Peter: You can tell this isn’t spaghetti.

Anna: Yes, you can. I’m confused by this courgette spaghetti. They say to warm it up in butter but I wonder whether I should have blanched it in boiling water for a minute, just to soften it. Though that might have made it mushy and horrible. I need to give it another go. So far, unconvinced.



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Anna: This salad is amazing. I think it is my dream salad. I cannot recommend it enough. I mean, anything with halloumi (or feta, or any other salty cheese) gets my attention. And I have to admit that I scaled up the amount of halloumi just a little bit. But I had been for a run this morning…. Combining it with papaya though, that was a revelation.¬†Sweet and salty. Peppery watercress. Red onions, pine nuts…. It was so simple and quick to make but tasted really indulgent and totally delicious. I’m having it for lunch again tomorrow. And I think maybe the next day too!

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Kirstin: We all know how much we love teriyaki, so I thought I would use sea bream tonight.

Miles: Do I like sea bream?

Kirstin: I don’t know. Why don’t you give it a try? You might like it.

Ella: I love it!

Kirstin: Ella, you basically eat anything with a teriyaki sauce on it, don’t you?

Ella: Maybe!

Tom: I don’t think we’ve had sea bream before and I really like it.

Kirstin: Fab! Well that’s a winner then!

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Kirstin: So what do we all think of this then?

Ella: It needs more meat. Like, proper meat. By proper meat, I mean bacon. It needs to just be bacon.

Kirstin: Are you missing bacon by any chance, Ella?

Ella: I’ve been having four pieces of bacon every day for two weeks at Latin Camp. I am in withdrawal.

Kirstin: But we are eating healthily. So this is fish.

Ella: Bacon is healthy! Bacon is a vegetable!

Tom: I really like the sauce. What’s in it?

Kirstin: Flat leaf parsley, shallots, garlic and can you guess the secret ingredient?

Tom: Chilli?

Kirstin: Blimey, you are good! And yes. I would definitely make this again.

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Tom: This is great. It’s like a fish with a salad inside it!

Kirstin: Your favourite salad, too — red onion and tomato!

Tom: And the fish is surprisingly substantial. There’s a lot to eat here.

Kirstin: It’s very easy to make. Super easy. One to remember next time we are entertaining vegetarians. Or anyway!

Tom: You just stuff the fish, bung everything in a pan and slam it in the oven, right?

Kirstin: Yes. But I realised there were no carbs. So I made some focaccia to go with it.

Tom: It would be good with rice. But your focaccia is yum.

Anna: I think I’m going to have to buy a spiralizer.

Kirstin: I thought we should try out these recipes as everyone is talking about this book this summer. Shouldn’t everyone have a spiralizer? I bought a juicer after my first read-through of this book.

Anna: I’m a little bit scared. I’m kind of struggling to see what I’m going to have time to make, particularly as I’m going back to work this month

Kirstin: Just ignore all the nonsense nutrition stuff and in amongst there I’m hoping to find some good recipes. Maybe it’s my medical training making me sceptical but I’m not sure where all this latest nutritional thinking is coming from but I hope the recipes are good.

Anna: Yeah. Lots of kale, lots of coconut oil, lots of raw food, lots of activating things.

Kirstin: But maybe we will look like these two sisters when we’re done, no?

Anna: Ha ha!



Anna: I am stealing Kirstin’s photo for this post in honour of the fact I made this because she loved it so much. All I can say is that we’ve had it three times in the last 3 weeks. It is quick, delicious, super easy and perfect for these hot summer evenings. Deceptively simple but absolutely wonderful. This book keeps on giving…..

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